Konimpex Chemicals was launched on July 1st, 2013 by separating from the former Department of Chemical Raw Materials in Konimpex company.

The Company trades in chemical raw materials such as silica, rubber accelerators, rubber antioxidants, oil derived raw materials, fluoroelastomers, fluoropolimers, chloroparaffin and resin in the international market.

As a rapidly growing company, Konimpex Chemicals is continually enhancing the attractiveness of offered raw materials as well as expanding the assortment of new materials. An additional objective is to conduct research and development in collaboration with academic institutions which may result in new business projects in the following years. Setting up Konimpex Chemicals is also a respond to the needs of the market, adapting to market’s changing conditions, optimization of operating costs related to the existing activity in Poland and Romania as well as to prepare the structure ready for new challenges.

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