Konimpex Sp. z o.o. is one of the companies from the capital group
that functions in different industries. There are 3 different departments:
  • Carbon Black Department
  • Rubber Department
  • Raw Materials for Industry Department
Konimpex company has been on the market for over 25 years. By combining knowledge with years of experience, we strive to live up to our customers’ expectations.
We are changing constantly, trying to always be one step ahead in terms of development. New experiences improve our skills and create better quality of services. Our main goal is our customers’ satisfaction and mutual fruitful cooperation, based on trust and partnership. With its headquarters in Poland, Konimpex is present on five continents. Our offices are located in Russia, Turkey, Romania, France and China. We work very actively – we increase the range of products, we start cooperation with new partners, expanding the coverage area of the new markets at the same time.
While running business we still remember about others. Founded by us,  “Otwarcie" Foundation for the Development of Children and Youth helps and supports children and young people with disabilities.
What is more, we curate a classical music concerts with the best national symphony orchestras, soloists and choirs each year in the part of Konin called the Old Town.
We also support the work of Polish archaeologists in the region of Nubia in the north-eastern region of Africa.

The group also includes:

Konimpex-Invest is a fast growing real estate company with 10 years of experience. It implements projects of multi-family and single family housing. The Company has completed several projects in Poznań and its surrounding area: residential houses "Przy parku" in Komorniki, "Ogrody Naramowickie" estate, "Nad Cybina" and "Pod kasztanami" estate - a total of over 300 apartments. In 2013, we completed the first phase of the project "Ogrody rozane" located in the part of Poznan called Naramowice. Currently Stage B of this estate is under construction and we started the sale of its apartments. Moreover, the company is selling the apartments in:
• the intimate apartment complex "Adalberto" in Poznań, Wzgorze Sw. Wojciecha Str.,
• a modern apartment complex "Villa Park" in Konin at Bulwary Nadwarcianskie.
There are also 4 new investments on a conceptual stage. Konimpex-Invest Sales Office is located at 27 Hetmanska str. No 1.

Fermintrade is a rapidly growing trading company specializing in domestic and foreign supplies of chemical raw materials, industrial products and petrochemicals.
In accordance with our mission we provide supplies of raw materials and technological solutions for the manufacturers of rubber, tires, rubber blends, paints, pigments, refractory materials and metallurgy from Europe, Turkey, China and South America.
We also supply alternative fuels as a replacement for heating fuels used in the various branches of the economy.
Our business is based on knowledge, experience and long-term cooperation with manufacturers from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and China.

Sine ltd.
"The purpose of creating this company was the need of implementing the strategy of diversifying the sources of chemical raw materials purchased by Konimpex group, mainly for customers in the rubber industry. The company is dedicated to the exploration and establishing business relationships with new suppliers of raw materials from Asia (China and the countries of South-East Asia) and the promotion, distribution and sales of these products among customers from European countries and Turkey. "

"Przegląd Koninski" publisher - the most popular publisher of local and regional newspapers in the eastern Greater Poland ie. "Przeglad Koninski", "Echo Turku" and "Przeglad Kolski". These magazines are informational and opinion-forming. They play the role of initiators and patrons of many projects that are inscribed into the calendar of regional events such as concerts, exhibitions, plebiscites, and charitable activities.

“Otwarcie” Foundation  
Foundation for the Development of Children and Youth "otwarcie" was founded in 2007. We are a non-governmental organization that supports people with disabilities in all natural needs, aspirations and dreams, at every stage of their lives, often from birth. The issues related to care and education of a disabled child are introduced to parents by a consultant who plays the role of a guide to new, unknown to parents situation.
The continuity of our operations, is insured by the constant support of the founder - the Konimpex company, as well as obtaining external funds for the implementation of public tasks and the status of public benefit organization, which allows donors to transfer 1% of its tax. Thanks to these various forms of support, all classes held in our Foundation that can be attended by children, adolescents, adults with disabilities and their parents are free.
These include, among others, rehabilitation (physical therapy, sensory integration, speech therapy classes, psychological care for children and parents), workshops for parents, workshops for professionals, classes socializing children and adolescents (common walks, going to the cinema, theater, art classes, music classes, tours, etc.). However, their number and availability is dependent on gathered funds and your support.
Once a month there are community meetings (pupils, volunteers) and Parent Club meetings, which serve the integration and experiences’ exchange.
In 2013, our Foundation has launched the first in the country Rehabilitation and Educational center in Marianowo that allows dependents the implementation of compulsory education under the guidance of teachers and specialists.
We also organize public awareness campaigns aimed at changing stereotypes about people with disabilities (i.e. International Day of People with Down Syndrome), we are taking actions to integrate able-bodied and disabled young people, and for several years we have published a calendar, whose heroes are the members of our community. This is also the goal of the cyclic event called "Fashion show for everyone", which brings together children, youth and parents of our Foundation.
Over 150 families from Konin, Koło and neighboring counties are supported by our organization.

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