Konimpex Chemicals separated from the structures of Konimpex Company in July 2013. From its very beginning, our company diversifies the areas of its activities by offering not only purely trade services but also services that are purely logistical which are often recommended by our customers and suppliers.

Konimpex Chemicals’ main market is the one of manufacturers of rubber products and tires. What is more, our company has also found its place on the market of candles, the construction market, ceramics and paint market.

One of the most important factors for Konimpex Chemicals, which is persistently being improved, is the development of logistics. Improving the process of distribution is one of the paramount goals for our trading company. Over 80% of the products that we offer come from China, India and Malaysia. That is why logistics play a very big role in the distribution of chemical raw materials and that is why our company constantly strives to find new, the most beneficial solutions for our customers and suppliers, offering them not only the product but the whole widely perceived logistic service as well.

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