Having in mind the best quality of service provided for our customers, our team consisting of qualified logistics professionals with years of experience in the transportation of raw materials, provide an extensive network of services including road and maritime as well as air and rail transportation.

Careful selection of forwarders gives a guarantee of time and cost-effective deliveries. Centralized storage base allows to ship orders consisting of various types of commodity which are in our company's offer.
New, innovative logistics solutions are not a problem for us, but a challenge we face in order to increase our efficiency in every area of our business.
The main tasks of the department is to receive the goods from the manufacturer and deliver them to the customer in the shortest possible time, at the lowest possible cost. It is possible thanks to:
  • supply chain organization - locally and abroad,
  • quality control and customs clearance,
  • cooperation with commercial departments in the field of commerical orders and control of documents,
  • creating commodity allocation plans,
  • preparins sales orders for shipment,
  • planning registration and supervision of national, EU, export and transit shipments
  • cooperation with forwarders,
  • stocktaking of warehoused goods,
  • administration and analysis of logistic center processes
  • VMOI (Vendor Managed Owned Inventory)
Since 2018, we use various options for storage and do different warehouse operations in Koło (central part of Poland).
Warehouse in Koło is a new investment made by Konimpex Sp. z o.o.  This building was put into use in 2018 and just after opening, storage capacity met our and clients expectations.  We are able to:
  • Storage neutral and dangerous goods in a modern A-class warehouse, (warehouse in Koło has the status of a High Risk Department)
  • Palletizing, picking, labeling of our goods,
  • Repacking goods in a relation sack to sack and sack to big bag
  • Pouring goods from big bags to silo, ( using appropriate equipment – filling station)
  • Storage feed additives, feed materials under veterinary supervision
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Anna Biernat
Logistics Manager
(maritime transport)
phone: +48 63 249 68 60
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