The main objective of our activities are deliveries of chemical raw materials which meet the highest quality requirements of our customers.

We want to help our customers to find new sources of raw materials, which will allow them to increase their competitiveness and improve their final product.

Konimpex Chemicals in its activities is guided by the following principles:

- we strive to constantly improve the level of our customer service through technical advice,
- we guarantee supply of raw materials of the highest quality in the shortest possible time.
- we select and train employees in the way that their abilities allow to offer innovative solutions.
- we commit ourselves to comply with applicable internal and external regulations, including environmental legislation and the specific requirements of our customers.

Our goal is to conduct business in an environmentally friendly manner. While implementing our Environmental Policy we constantly improve our processes towards preventing pollution through the implementation of the objectives, tasks and environmental programs.

We are all involved in the development of both management systems and executing the objectives of this policy, which is implemented, understood and maintained at all levels of the company. Furthermore the Company's management is directly involved in the continuous improvement of the quality management system ISO 9001: 2008 and environmental management system ISO 14001 : 2004.

President od the Board                                              Member of the Board                          
     Cezary Głuchowski                                                   Justyna Kaźmierczak                          
Konin, 06 Oct 2015
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