Konimpex Chemicals, thanks to the efforts of its employees, has successfully passed an audit of the Customs Chamber in Poznań concerning the AEO certification. On 8th of October 2015 there was an official presentation of AEOF certificate (customs simplifications / security and safety) to the President of the company, Mr. Cezary Głuchowski.

The AEO owner may be proud of the trust of the customs authorities, and its prestige and effort in compliance with the relevant conditions and criteria translates into many advantages in trade with foreign countries.
First of all it is important that the AEO status granted in one EU Member State is recognized throughout the Community.
In addition, the AEO status entitles its owner to benefit from facilitations with regard to customs controls relating to security and safety and / or from simplifications with the customs rules.
In the area of ​​customs controls relating to security and safety trader can use the following facilities:

- comes under less numbers of physical inspections and document control than other entrepreneurs
- in case of selection for inspection, it is carried out as a priority,
- privilege of the early notice of the designation shipments for inspection,
- the right to an entry summary declaration with limited safety data,
- the possibility to apply for an inspection at a place other than the customs office.

AEO Certificate (174,89 Kb, You must be logged in to download the file)
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